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Welcome to Ethnic Academy "Jeet"

From the Director

Dear Learner,

Welcome to Ethnic Academy, as Swami Vivekanand Speaks which we find ourselves very closely associated with,

The education is “A platform to share knowledge and insight to help Indians reconnect with their heritage and a glorious future together

Today what we feel that due to tremendous emphasis on the scientific and mechanical way of life, fast reducing man to the status of a machine moral and religious value are being undermined. Confilicts of ideals, manners and habits are pervading the atmosphere, which causes chaotic environment at all place.

Hence the sole reprive from all is to approach total holistic efforts to rejuvenate the society by providing better learning environment to our young generation.

In this regard I with the help of my whole team will work to gether to change of perception towards education which is “Ethnic Education” That is for which ethnic Academy is committed deliver.

Ramesh Pandey


How we bring difference in the education, Here we once again follow the great Son of India, Swami Vevekanand whose view on integral Parl of vedantic foundation according to him, knowledge is inherent in very man’s Soul, which require only careful Manifestation by removing the obstacles. This Part is done by teacher. That is why a Guru is revered in our Society

Hence Our Vision is:

“Education means
That powers by which
Character is Formed, Strength
Of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpend”

Umesh Kumar Pandey

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